Kinodanz is developing three fantastic feature films

The shooting of the projects – «Forgotten Experiment», «Genesis» and «Identity»  starts in 2018.

Forgotten Experiment

An adventure project about an expedition to a mysterious anomalistic zone. 

Directed by

Alexander Boguslavskiy

Painted by

Vladislav Ogay

Written by

Alexey Slushev


A group of heroes, assembled by the eccentric billionaire, goes into closed Perimeter full of abnormal activity which is inexplicable in terms of science. Despite the fact that the group is fully equipped with the latest technology-mobile laboratory, exoskeletons, drones… it all can turn out to be useless. The Perimeter behaves very unpredictably as it is a living being. Heroes are fully dedicated to reveal a mystery of this place and to find the source of unquanted matter – the energy of future whish is extracted from… time itself. A lot of dangers and anomalies lie ahead of an expedition. This journey will change all members of the group, and completely reverse their notion of reality. Each hero will find an answer to the question of who he really is.


А fantastic story about a character in a robotized world of the near future.

Directed by

Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy

Written by

Dmitry Jigalov


The character recovers consciousness after a terrifying accident and discovers that it is 2035. The last thing he can recall is his work for a corporation, which created robotized systems that controlled transport, buildings and different devices. He can’t remember who he was or what happened to him. He discovers a memory device implanted in his body.

On it he finds information about a series of soon to be carried out terrorist plots aimed at producing malfunctions in the artificial intelligences of these robotic systems. The character tries to interfere with the terrorists and to learn who he is and what happened to him. His two purposes in life become intertwined. The character needs to know who wants to get rid of the robots controlling the majority of devices in the world (and why) in order to get his identity back. His investigation leads him to shocking results: he is a cyborg with a human consciousness implanted in his mind. For all those years previously, his body was controlled by Max Chow – a genius innovator and builder of robots. After the terrorist attack, however, Max Chow lost control over the cyborg’s body and the cyborg became conscious. Will he be able to defend his right to life?


А film about a superhero living in an alternative world of genetically modified humans.


In the world of alternative reality, the genetic engineering has reached a new level of sophistication. People are divided into castes, which are apparent at a single glance. Genetic modifications influence both a person’s outward appearance and their inner qualities. Rulers are endowed with absolute beauty, Scientists with a highly advanced intellect and Laborers with physical strength and endurance. Other ranks include Human-amphibians and Human-soldiers.

The main character is an outcast. He’s had no genetic improvements but has not been deprived of anything either. Having never known his parents, he lives with a foster family. He is a technical genius who developed naturally. A kind of Leonardo da Vinci in a world where everything is confined to narrow “genetic” specialisms.

Investigating the mystery of his past, he is forced to wear a mask in order to preserve his incognito status and fight injustice in the city. This story is about the emergence of a “superhero”, about a man who “made himself” and chose his own way. By his example and actions, the main character can change the world in which he exists forever.