Kinodanz will establish a graphic cluster in Kaliningrad with the support of the Agency for the strategic initiatives and the Government of the Kaliningrad region

On May 25, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, CEO of KINODANZ Evgeniy Melentyev, the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov and General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupsheva signed an agreement on cooperation in the creation of a high-tech cluster for the production of CG / VFX in Kaliningrad.

The strategic goal of the project is the creation of the global export-oriented provider of computer graphics for the international film production and the media industry, which is supposed not only to become a leader in the Russian market but a major player in the international market.

For the training of specialists in computer graphics, KINODANZ plans to organize permanent educational programs both on its own basis and with the involvement of the field-oriented universities in the Kaliningrad region.

The total amount of investments will be 950 million rubles, of which 300 million are private investments of the operator of the project — KINODANZ. The initial investment volume is 200 million rubles.