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Sci-Fi, Action, Detective

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Dushan Gligorov


Sergey Kaluzhanov
In the world of alternative reality, the genetic engineering has reached a new level of sophistication. People are divided into castes, which are apparent at a single glance. Genetic modifications influence both a person’s outward appearance and their inner qualities. Rulers are endowed with absolute beauty, Scientists with a highly advanced intellect and Laborers with physical strength and endurance. Other ranks include Human-amphibians and Human-soldiers. The main character is an outcast. He’s had no genetic improvements but has not been deprived of anything either. Having never known his parents, he lives with a foster family. He is a technical genius who developed naturally. A kind of Leonardo da Vinci in a world where everything is confined to narrow “genetic” specialisms. Investigating the mystery of his past, he is forced to wear a mask in order to preserve his incognito status and fight injustice in the city. This story is about the emergence of a “superhero”, about a man who “made himself” and chose his own way. By his example and actions, the main character can change the world in which he exists forever.