The famous british actor Eddie Marsan starred in the russian film «Abigail»


The filming of the Russian fantasy movie (produced by KD Studios company) took place in Moscow and surroundings. The actor was impressed by his first experience working in Russia

«The team behind the movie is incredible. I was particularly struck by the Film Artist, who created this marvelous world. It was really enriching to talk with my colleagues, Russian actors, and to see how they put their heart and soul into their work on set». Marsan also highlighted that he enjoys working with young film directors from all over the world, and seeks to be filmed outside the UK, his motherland: over his more than twenty-year film career, Eddie Marsan has starred in more than 100 films, many of whose have become iconic: «Gangs of New York», «The Illusionist», «21 Grams», «V for Vendetta», «Mission: Impossible III».

In the film, Eddie starred as one of the key characters — the father of the girl Abigail (The Main Character). According to the story, Abigail lives in the city whose borders were closed many years ago because of the wasting disease. Abby’s father was one of those who got sick and was subsequently banished from the city when Abby was six years old. When Abigail starts a fight against the government in the way to find her father, she finds out that the city is actually full of magic, and the uncanny magic gifts have awakened in herself…

ABIGAIL was shot in English, which was not easy for the Russian actors involved in the film. In the very beginning, Eddie Marsan was feared that he would have a hard time working with the Russian crew: «When the shooting just started, it was not simple to establish a contact, but by the end or even the middle of the first day, this communication barrier was overcome. This is the real magic of cinema. »

The worldwide theatrical release of ABIGAIL is scheduled on August 22, 2019. The distributor in Russia and CIS will be «20th Century Fox» company. By now, the film has been already sold to such territories as Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia etc.