The pre-premiere screening of the movie «Beyond the edge»

The pre-premiere screening of the movie «Beyond the Edge», organized by KINODANZ company, took place on 20th of February in the «Moscow» cinema. The public talk about the VFX development of the high technologies in film industry was held before the screening. 

The representatives of government institutions and major business companies took part in the discussion, dedicated to the role of Russian’s regions in the creation of the innovative export-oriented economy, to the establishment of the high tech cluster for VFX production and also to the main differenсes between Hollywood and Russian VFX and prospects for its development.

The speakers of the public talk were as follows: Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov, deputy Chairman of the Kaliningrad region, Dmitriy Marinichev, the Representative for the Defense of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in the Internet Commissioner for the President (Internet-ombudsman), Yuriy Pripachkin, president of the Russian association of crypto currency and blockchain, Evgeniy Melentyev, CEO of KINODANZ, Lady Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino, co-founders of AMBI Media Group. The discussion was moderated by Nataliya Knyazhevich, the anchor of RBK channel.

While talking about the film “Beyond the Edge” produced by KINODANZ together with the Hollywood company AMBI Media Group, Evgeniy Melentyev said that the movie contains VFX of its own production. “In terms of quality, our VFX do not differ from the best Hollywood ones. At the same time it’s evident that production costs are several times smaller. Our unique technologies and highly professional specialists allow us producing this kind of VFX that you can see in our movies.”

KINODANZ now faces the challenge to increase the volume of film production, added Victor Denisuyk, CEO of KINODANZ. To enter the international market, the company creates a system of clusters of high-technology film production, he said. Soon KINODANZ will launch a graphic cluster in the Kaliningrad region – the investment amount in the region is about one billion rubles.

The (Kaliningrad) region is now preparing the necessary infrastructure for the cluster, said Alexander Shenderuyk-Zhidkov. He also noted that for today very attractive conditions for various types of business have been created in the region, including tax privileges – for example, a special social tax rate of 7.6%. “We are ready to provide even land and free connection to the electricity grid to elaborate the cluster. Our aim is to provide KINODANZ with all resources they need to become a real media giant”.

In addition, the company intends to enter the international market together with Serbia – a major joint film project “Tesla” is currently in development. Also, the parties agreed on the creation of a high-tech graphic cluster in Belgrade. According to Boris Sekulich, the first Counsellor of the embassy of Serbia in Russia, these financial costs will be recouped may times. “I think that this cooperation will foster the development of common trade, and also economic and political relations between our countries.”

Andrea Iervolino expressed the hope that the potential of this cooperation will be realized not only in the film “Beyond the Edge”, but also in other projects that KINODANZ and AMBI Media Group will produce in the future.

Lady Monika Bacardi who had come to Russia for the first time said that the company is working on a partnership between Italy, America and Russia. “And it seems to me that we are on the right track, because this is a place where the great prospects for the future are.”

It will be able to asset the quality of domestic VFX very soon – the domestic premiere of the film “Beyond the Edge” is scheduled at March 1.