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Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller

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Directed by

Sergey Pikalov


Sergey Kaluzhanov
The character recovers consciousness after a terrifying accident and discovers that it is 2035. The last thing he can recall is his work for a corporation, which created robotized systems that controlled transport, buildings and different devices. He can’t remember who he was or what happened to him. He discovers a memory device implanted in his body. On it he finds information about a series of soon to be carried out terrorist plots aimed at producing malfunctions in the artificial intelligences of these robotic systems. The character tries to interfere with the terrorists and to learn who he is and what happened to him. His two purposes in life become intertwined. The character needs to know who wants to get rid of the robots controlling the majority of devices in the world (and why) in order to get his identity back. His investigation leads him to shocking results: he is a cyborg with a human consciousness implanted in his mind. For all those years previously, his body was controlled by Max Chow – a genius innovator and builder of robots. After the terrorist attack, however, Max Chow lost control over the cyborg’s body and the cyborg became conscious. Will he be able to defend his right to life??