The Forgotten Gods

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Sci-Fi, Adventure

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Alexander Boguslavskiy
The plot of the film develops in two different time periods. The main character wakes up and realizes that he has spent over 50 years in a coma, but has not aged at all. Nobody knows what happened to him. Fragments of memories lead him to a remote village, far away from civilization, where he had traveled half a century ago to study a mysterious radio signal. There is now a research station there that studies strange local anomalies. The main character starts his own investigation and gradually uncovers the events of the past. Many years ago, local residents discovered a crashed alien spaceship a few kilometers away from the village. The ship contained alien bodies inside sarcophagi. It turned out that the ship’s technology slows down the aging process, and the village residents started worshipping the dormant aliens, believing them to be gods. When he arrived at the village half a century ago, the protagonist found out that the alien technology causes anomalies that are gradually becoming stronger, and, over time, can spread all over Earth. In an attempt to prevent a catastrophe, he was fatally wounded, but the alien technology kept him alive and stopped his aging. Now he has a second chance to save Earth, but he is also facing a more dangerous enemy…